Corey Kopischke began his career 25 years ago skiing in front of the lens earining sponsorship with many of the top companies like Oakley, Smith, K2, SOS and Scott. After hundreds of publishings through catalogs, trail maps and magazine covers, Corey discovered that photography was his language and the shift from action figure to creator was launched.

From the days of film it was curious trial and error that accrued empirical knowledge for photographing his present-day subject matter. He stays diverse by constanly creating imagery for his commercial, action, landscape, lifestyle, and wedding photography clients. Often remarked about as being extremely easy to work with and pleasantly professional - sometimes very funny! He is so thankful to be blessed with a career that can please the human soul in such a unique way. For a guy who doesn't say much, that says a lot.

Most currently he can be found enjoying unclehood, on two wheels, two skis, one board, near the water, on the water, or looking for water; but always with his sweet wife, their gear bags and a camera.